1939Born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.
1961Graduated from the Sculpture Department of Tama University of Arts.
1962Met Isam Noguchi, the American sculptor and strongly influenced by him.
1971|1975Toured some 50 countries including those in South America, Europe and the Middle East, Greatly inspired by Piazza del Campo in Siena, Italy. Felt deep sympathy with the culture of the Republic of Korea.
1976Produced the first monument, titled [In praise of Yamauchi] in Yokohama.
1977Started on his KONZAI series.
1978Held his first one-man show at Gallery Okabe, Tokyo. Was featured in the West German magazine, "DAS KUNSTWERK".
1979His [KONZAI ""] awarded the Giacomo Manzu Special Prize at 1st Henry Moore Grand Prize Exhibition, The Hakone Open-Air Museum, Japan.
1980His [KONZAI (inside outside)] awarded the Ube Municipal Open-Air Museum Prize at the 7th Kobe Suma RIKYU (Detached Palace) Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition.
One-man Show at Gallery Okabe, Tokyo.
1981His [KONZAI (inside )] awarded the superior prize at the 2nd Henry Moore Grand Prize Exhibition.
The 5th Shun-rai Exhibition held by City of Yokohama.
1982One-man Show at Gallery Seiho, Tokyo.
1982|1983Installed [SAKU] a plaza containing 40m-high formative-art structure in the front garden of the Saku Municipal Museum of Modern Arts.
1983Installed [Fallen leaves playing with peacock feathers] for Totsuka Homes, Yokohama Riverside (facility for severely handicapped people).
1984First encounter with The Yellow River, China. Deeply impressed with the concept of design of the Garden in Suzhou, China.
One-man Show (Tourist Gallery, Yokohama)
One-man Show (Morris Gallery, Tokyo)
1985|1987Installed Part 1 (Sea Shell) and Part 2 (Flowerbeds) out of his 3 part-sculptures with an overall title of [Yokohama, an Object Far Away] on the 1km-long jetty in the port of Yokohama.
1985Exhibition of Footsteps of Contemporary Sculpture-Exhibition of Wood Sculpture Works (Gallery, Kanagawa Municipal Hall).
Exhibited (by invitation) his work at 8th Exhibition of Work by Metal-mould Sculptors (Wako Hall, Tokyo).
1986|1987Selected as one of six foreign artists and installed the "Seoul - Unhulled Rice - Thermal Conductivity" in the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, the Republic of Korea.
1987Received notices on "Wild Rice" in the Book of Rice.
1987Exhibition of 1st International Open-Air Sculptors Association (Art Gallery, Yokohama).
Created a Monument erected in honor of Renjo Shimooka.
Installed [Human Being] in Yokohama Municipal Minami-Totsuka Junior High School.
1987|1988Installed [Naoetsu] in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture.
1989Exhibited (by invitation) his work of [A Drifting Grain of Unhulled Rice] at the Contemporary Japanese Sculpture.
Installed [Beans-Mugen] at Kazusaya in Yokohama.
1989Installed [A Floating Grain of Unhulled Rice].
One-man Show at Gallery Seiho, Tokyo.
1990Installed [Waves became a Forest] and [Meijiku] in Kanagawa Prefecture.
1991Exhibited his work [MOMI-(3) 1989] at Zhejian Provincial Museum, China (permanent display).
Installed [MOMI-1991] as the theme of Wild Rice for the Research Factory of Yokomori Manufacturing in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture.
1992One-man Show, The theme of Wild Rice at Gallery Seiho and Shuyu Art Gallery (Tokyo).
After a proposal by Tanabe, he and agriculturalist Youichiro Sato started a movement for in situ conservation of wild rice.
1993Exhibited his work [MOMI-(10) 1992] at Central Library in Shimizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture (permanent display).
Exhibited his sculpture [MOMI-(8) 1992 Wild Rice] and its drawings at IRRI (International Rice Research Institute), Philippines (permanent display).
1994Invited to IRRI, and installed [MOMI-1994 Wild Rice].
Held an Exhibition of "The World of The Shimizu and Mitsuaki Tanabe".
Exhibited his work on the theme of "Wild Rice on the Japan IRRI Day at Nikkei Hall, Tokyo. Presented his sculpture of [MOMI-(7) 1992 Wild RICE] to Thai Royal Family.
Exhibited his work at the museum of He Mu Du Ruins Museum, China (permanent display).
Thai Royal Family started the project of natural populations of wild rice (in situ conservation) and chose Tanabe as a member of the project.
1995Installed [MOMI-1994] at Itazuke ruins in Fukuoka.
As the first execution of Thai Royal Project, decided to use 2-ha in situ conservation for wild rice in Prachin Buri, Thailand (100km northeast of Bangkok).
Exhibited [MOMI-(3) 1992] at Industrial Technical Research Center, Kanagawa Prefecture (permanent display).
Dr. Naoki Takeda published a book of "Sculptor, Mitsuaki Tanabe".
One-man Show at Gallery Seiho, and Shuyu Gallery, Tokyo.
1996Installed [BIRD-Seaside Vegetable Kingdom / Niijima] at Niijima, Tokyo. Installed [MOMI-(2) 1996] at Yokohama Suiran prefectural high school. Invited to Pathum Thani Rice Research Center [D, O, A,] in Thailand, installed [MOMI-1996 PATHUM THANI].
Installed [BIRD-Wild Plants / Hiyoshi] in Yokohama.
1995-1997Installed [MOMI-1997 (Wild Rice) In Situ Conservation] at Pathum Thani Rice Research Center [D, O, A,] in Thailand.
1998Exhibited his work [MOMI-(4) 1992] at Central Rice Research Institute in India.
Installed [MOMI-1989] at Gokurakuji Temple in Yokohama.
1999Installed [MOMI-(4) 1992] at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Maryland, U.S.A.
Exhibition of Tanabe Mitsuaki held by Kanagawa Arts Foundation.
2000Installed [The Reptiles] in front of the Information Center of National Government Building Tower 1 at Saitama Shintoshin.
Also installed [Spider] and [Buprestid] at center of Fujino Workshop for Art in Kanagawa.
2001Installed his work consists of 3 parts [Wild Rice], [Interior] and [Rain Fed Paddy] at Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum, Osaka.
Exhibition of Tanabe Mitsuaki was held by Toro Museum of Shizuoka.

Installed [MOMI-2000] at Central Rice Research Institute (CRRI) in India.
Exhibited [Drawing of a Wild Rice] and 41 photographs at International Conference of Wild Rice in Katmandu, Nepal.
Installed [Mekong River] in Yokohama Municipal Shimoda Elementary School.


Exhibited [MOMI-In Situ Conservation 2003] at Osaka Prefecture Museum of Yayoi Culture.
Installed [UNINERSITY] at Shizuoka University.
Promoted project at Koufukuji Temple in Yokohama.


Exhibited [MOMI-(9) 1992] at Window on the Wetland Visitor Center in Darwin, Australia.
Installed [The Reptiles] at Matsunokawa Ryokudou in Yokohama. Exhibited [MOMI-2004] at Expocuba Exhibition Center in Cuba (permanent display).
Installed [MOMI-2004] at Koufukuji Temple in Yokohama.

2005Installed [The Centipede] at Koufukuji Temple in Yokohama.
Installed [MOMI-2000 Wilde Rice-Situ ConservationEReptiles] at Gonohe-Heights in Aomori.
Installed [MOMI-2000 Snake] at Shingoumura. One-man Show at Akita Prefectural Museum in Japan.
2006Participated in Adelaide Festival at the Multicultural Arts Center in Adelaide, Australia.
Showed MOMI 2006 in Green Sense Gallery, Korea.
Installed [The Reptiles „ MOMI-2006] at Mareeba Wetland in Australia.
Exhibited public art in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sapporo and Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo.
2007One-man Show [MOMI MITSUAKI TANABE TAIWAN 2007-Hoping the Restoration of Wild Rice Populotions Taiwan] at Notional Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.
Installed [MOMI-2007] at Tama-Plaza branch of Kanagawa Agricultural Cooperative in Kanagawa.
One-man Show at Notional Taiwan University.
2008Installed [A Seed of Wild Rice „ MOMI-2008] for Grobal Crop Diversity Trust at FAO in Roma.
2009Installed [A Seed-2009 „ IN SITU CONSERVATION] in North Pole „ The Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

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